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Without the need for proprietary hardware or server software, Azure offers a broad and growing set of services and applications. These can accurately copy the current business needs. Flexibility allows you to pay for exactly what your business actually uses.

Surveys show that cloud solutions are significantly more secure than their own local infrastructure. (Source: ForesterIDC). Microsoft Azure is a secure environment for servers, databases, ERP systems (SAP, Dynamics), websites, mobile applications, e-shops, BI or BigData analytical tools.

Information security

Certification and integrated control mechanisms guarantee superior data protection and privacy. Uses multi-layer security.

Financial advantage

It is cheaper than traditional solutions (local infrastructure).

State-of-the-art technology without worries

Continuous innovation of cloud services ensures state-of-the-art technologies available.

Guaranteed availability

Designed to run critical applications (enterprise systems) to support at least 99.9% SLA availability.

Speed - from decision to implementation in minutes

Environment available very quickly since signing the contract.

Instantly adjust service scope.


You will become independent of your own or external IT staff.

Microsoft Azure -  Scenarios:

  1. Acquisition of new IT infrastructure (for start-up or transition to the world of on-line environment)
  2. Critical server and data failure protection (for ERP, CRM, and similar applications)

Microsoft Azure - Cloud service runs on a worldwide network of datacenters. Azure Supports the widest range of operating systems, programming languages, interfaces, tools, databases and devices.

Manuchar decided for CLOUD - ERP system in the Cloud!

In July, we completed the Cloud Implementation of ERP system - Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manuchar South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Manuchar is a global business logistics and distribution company. The headquarters are in Belgium and more than 40 offices worldwide. Implementation in South Africa is part of a plan to partially unify the ERP system for some Manuchar subsidiaries.

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