Project Management

Have all your projects under control!

No matter which industry your business operates whether it be professional services, manufacturing, services, we have the solution for your Project Management with a fully integrated end-to-end ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

“Effective Project business management that integrates finance and purchase inventory in real time.

Project management covers the below areas:

  • Business and finance management of projects
  • Business process management
  • Resource capacity management
  • Project documentation management
  • Project evaluation

Main benefits of Projects Management:

  • Overview of actual and planned costs and revenue
  • Overview of project tasks, their status and meeting deadlines. Allocation and tracking of resources
  • Full integration in ERP system, connection to sales, purchase, production, capacity and finance
  • Overview of resource utilization, tracking of consumption in real time

Now you can plan and manage your projects with higher accuracy thanks to the use of visual planning!

We have entered into a partnership with NETRONIC and thanks to Visual Job Scheduler, we will simplify the transparency of your data and a visual overview of the capacity utilization of your employees.

Partner NAVERTICA - netronics

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