Corporate social responsibility – CSR

Our goal is not only increasing the profits of companies.
We assume activities of social responsibility as an interest and encourangement to contribute where is needed.

We should not perceive corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an obligaton but  as a choice that makes us fullfiled. We are pleased that, aside from providing IT products, we can also contribute to society in other ways.

We consider recycling, concern about energy usage, planting and general care for the environment to be a part of our everyday routine. We are always looking for opportunties that will improve our surroundings. Our employees have a big interest in sport and NAVERTICA  believes in the saying „A healthy mind in a healthy body“.

Source: web Badminton Sharks Brno

One of our marketing experts, Lukáš Kyncl, is part of the Brno Para-Badminton Sharks team. This sports club was founded in 2015 by experienced trainers, who received their training in para-badminton in Japan. Our colleagues‘ preparation for the Championship was completed in Irland. The Sharks are expanding their team and there are players from other cities interested in joining them. The Brno team has participated in important competitions such as the European Championship, the Oliver Czech Para-Badminton Open, the Tournament of 3 and many others. When they win a gold medal, they reap benefits from their diligence. Their excitement for the sport motivates us and, because of its importance to our colleagues, we have decided to provide funding to develop and support the sport club.

We are honored that in the autumn of 2021 we could enjoy the tournament OLIVER CZECH PARA-BADMINTON OPEN, which has been organized by the sports club Badminton Sharks Brno for the fourth year, and which took place in the sports complex in Rousínov. Despite some current government restrictions, the tournament was successful and not only our colleague Lukáš took home several valuable medals. Check out the video to see how the whole tournament looked like.

We look forward to next year’s tournament!

From all our heart we wish  the team all the best in their training. Take care of your health and fullfill your dreams. We are here for you!