The branch solution created on Microsoft Dynamics platform

Are you customer-centric?

In today’s complex and demanding retail environment, forecasting and understanding consumer needs and keep customers from going to the competitions in the retail environment is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to have as much information as possible about the customer with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Simple, Smart, Innovative

This fully integrated solution includes all the necessary management features required by merchants in optional functional horizons according to the size of their business without the need to program, change, or maintain these applications and costly interfaces. It is the only comprehensive application covering the needs of both stores and their administrative centers, including POS terminals, warehousing systems, and related logistics and Stores management. Part of the solution is also back-office supporting functions according to management requirements, which distinguishes this unique solution from other solutions on the market. The user-friendly Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with more than one million users worldwide has set global standards for functionality, use in the international scope, and adaptability.

The branch solution created on Microsoft Dynamics platform - Retail

Complete solutions for retail management

View reports on business profits
Business intelligence features that allow retailers to analyze their data, transform it into usable information that standard Microsoft tools such as MS Office or Outlook can easily interpret.

Improving business decisions
Merchandising and replenishment proposals provide managers with adequate support for managing end-to-end operations from headquarters to the Store.

Measuring the results of business cases
It manages and maintains data for all Stores together, both on goods, customers, and suppliers, as well as data on special orders or loyalty programs.

Unified retail architecture
Crucial retail functions are available at the Store, headquarters, or both these locations. Information obtained from Stores is sent to the headquarters for approval before being posted to the general ledger. Information and programs created at the central offices are sent to stores, where they are updated and used in operation.

Warehouse management
The function also includes stock transfers, adjustments, and depreciation, management of differences in stock, and stocktaking with the help of cash registers or mobile computers.

Employee management
It includes a full range of functions for managing work schedules and its graphical representation, time, and attendance registration.

Supplier evaluation
Buyers have a perfect overview of the supplier’s activities with the help of profitability monitoring, the fulfillment of purchase orders, deviations in the delivered quantity as well as about the quality of the delivered goods, and possible deviations on invoices. These data represent in the hands of buyers a useful and necessary tool that stands for remarkable advantage in dealing with suppliers.

Paperless operations
LS Retail InStore Management eliminates paper documents thanks to automating the saving of all Store processes. It saves time and money, reduces errors, and increases productivity so that you can manage the time and work of Store employees much more efficiently.

More efficient Stores
LS Retail InStore Management will help you organize the put-away of goods on warehouse racks, organize sales teams, and thus maintain a competitive advantage. Price management allows you to perform price reductions and increases, correct incorrect price reduction settings, and perform renumbering and direct printing of new price tags. Furthermore, with the help of the LS Retail function for special orders, customers can order goods with custom modifications according to their taste – such as sofas with various upholstery, suit modifications, computer sets, electronics, prescription glasses, and much more. Deliveries can be made from the Store, from the warehouse, or directly from the supplier. The methods of delivery of goods are also very flexible. In the case of a special delivery, it enables us to require a deposit, which may vary depending on the type of products.

Interlinked experiences


  • Purchase planning (Open-to-Buy)
  • Plans by assortments/collections
  • Tools for stock replenishing
  • Product Lifecycle Management-Seasonality
  • Fast assortment creation
  • Registration of gifts within the loyalty program
  • Adjusting clothes
  • Store evaluation
  • Distribution management
  • Store capacity, Store coverage
  • Dynamic POS interface, Settings POS during operation
  • Simple process control at POS


  • Item configurator
  • Special orders
  • Make-to-Order /Tailored made
  • Advance payments
  • Catalog sales
  • Campaigns and offer management
  • Non-stock items
  • Automatic replenishment and allocation of items
  • Drop shipment from the supplier
  • Pickup  and  delivery to the customer
  • Dynamic POS interface, Settings during operation
  • Simple process control at POS


  • Dynamic merchandising / Hierarchical levels of goods
  • Purchase planning (Open-to-Buy)
  • Special orders
  • Support for serial number management and tracking
  • Campaigns and offer management
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Advanced functionality of POS terminals
  • Item Cross-Selling
  • Item configurator
  • Item finder
  • Dynamic POS interface, Settings during operation
  • Simple process control at POS


  • Fast check-out at the POS
  • Customer loyalty program accessible from POS
  • Sales history and drill-down of sales transactions
  • Monitoring supplier performance
  • Campaign management
  • Promotions, discounts
  • Mix and Match
  • Offers, coupons
  • Simple receiving process  with the help of mobile POS
  • Internal loss management
  • Dynamic POS interface, Settings during operation
  • Simple process control at POS