Microsoft SharePoint

Do you know what the shortcut DMS means? – Document Management System.

It is an area, which is no longer covering only effective data uploading and its supervision. The number of companies aware of moving towards processes and workflows is growing. The key is, that the solution can work with metadata, full text search and so on.

SharePoint is a centre of digital teamwork!

It allows creation of dynamic team websites for project teams and departments. Web can be customized by needs of each team. Thanks to SharePoint it is possible to create company-wide intranet, where employees can engage in course of events and are informed about important information.

Key functions

  • Team and communication websites creation
  • Team storage for uploading documents and other files
  • Collaboration on documents in real time
  • Sharing documents inside and outside of company
  • Automatic file synchronization with physical storage
  • Effective searching

Key benefits

  • Cloud storage
  • Everywhere access
  • Customizable and extensibility
  • Web interface
  • Advanced security
  • Included in Microsoft 365 – connectivity to other apps
  • Integrated to Microsoft Teams
  • Connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics 365

SharePoint Server

If you have your own secure servers and you need maximum available customization, maybe the on-premises SharePoint Server can suit you better.

SharePoint a Teams

SharePoint and Teams are two different products. SharePoint is integrated to Teams. Therefore, all teams in Microsoft Teams have their own storage, which in background is located in SharePoint. Users don’t have to leave the teams environment – they can view their uploaded documents directly in the client. SharePoint also enables real time cooperation – users can work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly in the Teams environment at the same time.