Bulk mixtures

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing Companies

Are you looking for an information system to increase employee performance and productivity, reduce costs, reduce complaints, and mitigate internal nonconformities due to human error?

By implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central information system, you integrate and automate your business processes.

You can use already defined processes such as sales, finance, production, logistics, purchasing, development, fixed asset management, including the possibility not only to enter data but also to analyze appropriately and thus have a tool for evaluating and managing the company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing Companies

Benefits of the branch solution created on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • On-line communication of bar code readers and terminals with the system.
  • Ability to print barcodes.
  • Record keeping  of work operations.
  • Evaluation of employee performance.
  • High traceability and identification of materials, raw materials, packaging, semi-finished products, and final products.
  • Automatic transfer orders  between warehouses.
  • Paperless production.
  • Reduction of human error rates.
  • Online overview of the orders statuses.
  • Faster decision making and time planning.

Warehouses and barcodes

All essential processes of every production company start mostly with raw material handling in the warehouse. Thanks to bar code readers, which are connected directly to the information system, your employees will be able to receive raw materials (goods) for each handling unit, such for instance, pallet, etc.  Bar code readers read data about received raw material such as quantity, quality grade, type of packaging, required and combined receiving notes, etc. Afterward, the system assigns this information for order receipts and invoices.

With the help of bar code readers, it is also possible to register in the system all the required transfers of handling units with raw materials from one stock location to another one. It enables tracking of the expiration date of chosen raw materials. Poor quality or expired raw material will not allow transferring.  Alternatively, it will help you to find out which mixture is part of final products or semi-finished products. Furthermore, the bar code readers will save you time and paper during the stocktaking. The system also takes into account the specified maximum percentage of material loss caused by the handling and production process, which is appropriately registered in item cards and subsequently posted.

Easy on the eye production under the magnifying glass of the system

We are very well aware of how important it is to track handling containers, and therefore each of them must be marked with a bar code. Another important character of detailed production monitoring is marking the raw material with the supplier’s batch number. From the beginning of the production process till the end where you mark your finished products with your company’s batch, and that is why laboratory technicians can either confirm the required quality in the system or stop further production immediately.

In addition to marked handling containers, mixers, scales, and other tools and machines can also be marked with bar codes.  The system notifies the worker which equipment is available and which is waiting for decontamination.

The new information system will allow you to register any time accurate work records. It monitors on which production order operation is an assigned worker working, when his activity started and ended, and who else worked on the production order. 

With the help of our system, it is possible to build reliable reporting and use the data for further decisions making while optimizing the production process.