Service Desk

Navertica Service Desk is a paid service for the provision of system maintenance services.

Services are registered, managed and billed in the Navertica HelpDesk environment, which is a web portal for receiving, registering, processing and accepting tickets. A ticket is a record of a request for a support, its fulfillment and of the acceptance of the service provided, including mutual communication related to the ticket.

Another service is the Hot-line, which is a request for telephonic communication referencing to a requested ticket registered in the Navertica HelpDesk system.

NAVERTICA offers its customers the opportunity to purchase a package of so-called credits and these credits are used as the form of payment for the services provided subsequently.

A necessary part of the Navertica Service Desk is the mutually agreed level of Navertica services after delivery of the system (Basic, Advanced, or Professional). The service level defines the response time and the reaction time of the service provider to the significance of the reported incidents (Common, Major, Critical).

At the customer’s request, it is possible to include in the provided services a continuous upgrade / update of the system so that the customer’s (even customized) system always runs on the last released version of the SW platform.