Rental and Service

Navertica NESS

The NESS vertical solution is a registered Add-On to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central /earlier NAV/, intended for companies with demanding needs in the area of complex services provision including the sale of equipment such as copy machines.

Key processes covered by the solution

  • Provision of equipment/device service
  • Provision of services based on sales structure
  • Sale of services in connection and service contract management
  • Invoicing of on basis of service contract billing
  • Equipment rental/leasing management

All services that are performed on a contractual basis, have a similar quality – measurability of service provided, this comprises the basis for contract billing.


Navertica NESS Benefits

  • Increased system performance (min. 60%) during service contract creation without the necessity of individual settings with the help of pre-defined templates. Decrease to number of staff required to create and maintain service contracts.
  • Joint management of invoicing integrated with invoicing calendar which, enables increased user system effectiveness by 90% against standard system user procedure.
  • Variable method for accounting service visit parameters for a machine including rental which assists in providing high-level service with respect to the actual and future needs of needs of the customer without the necessity of repeated modification to system code. This leads to a savings on additional customer system requirements by 60% on average.
  • Modern dispatching requires operative management with a minimum of employees. Individual operations have been designed so that they can process online customer requirements as fast as possible while reducing the workload of employees by up to 30%. 
  • Offers the direct ordering of service visits with automatic status update which, enables a reduction in the time between the order of a spare part or consumable and the completion of the service visit by 20%.
  • Increased transparency behind service visits and reduced customer call time by up to 10%.
  • Increased effectiveness of service technicians together with a reduction in reaction time by 30% and a time-savings in processing service orders by 60%.

Key needs

  • Effectively create service contracts including the rental of equipment
  • Variable settings for types of service that may be invoiced (rental, installment plan, unit-based tariffs, service and maintenance, fees etc.)
  • Detailed accounting of meter readings, service and invoicing histories
  • Easy to use tool for batch service invoicing
  • Dispatch board for registering and planning service visits
  • The possibility to integrate online service dispatching via MDA for service technicians
  • Interface for customer e-mail notification of service process status (informs throughout course of service process)
  • Web-based ordering system for goods and services integrated with sales and purchasing (B2B, B2C)
  • On-line accounting of all transactions into general ledger

Key Functions of NESS Vertical Solution

Service Contract and Service Item Card 

  • Wizard for creation of Service item card-contract before actual machine sale 
  • Meter reading entries on Service item 
  • Subsystem for meter readings
  • Wizard for creation of contract from Sales or Service item 
  • Adjustment of sample contract as template 
  • System for creating contract service provisions – i.e. service functions 
  • Batch processing of invoiced services 
  • Pricelist update using batch function
  • Integration of fixed assets and contract

Service Orders/ Visits to Customer 

  • Wizard for creation of service orders 
  • Automatic update of service order status according to status of ordered service items 
  • System for meter reading entries into service orders  
  • E-mail notifications of service status to customer  
  • Wizard for frequently ordered items 
  • Planning and tracking of service status via expanded dispatch board

Other Functions

  • Management of machine buy back
  • Configurator of compatible components and services for machine sale
  • Splitting services across cost center/department via template
  • Machine claim management integrated with sales and service 

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