System implementation

NAVERTICA follows a special “Navertica Agile” project methodology for system implementations.

The basic features of this methodology are:

  • Fixed budget and go-live date, flexible customer co-operation
  • Gradual, step by step functionality creation and release during the implementation
  • Customer-made modifications (if needed) are created gradually during the implementation.

The implementation project consists of the following phases whereas the order in which the phases are to be provided is not binding as some phases may be provided simultaneously or repeatedly:

  1. Workshops
  2. Bespoke modifications
  3. Configuration
  4. Testing
  5. Training
  6. Data migration
  7. Deployment and system go-live
  8. Project management

The individual phases contains a nominal list of items from the Navertica Service Catalogue with the budgeted volume of each of the provided services. The resulting total budget for the system implementation thus contains both, a list of work performed and their volume.

The budget of the implementation project can be changed by agreement of both parties.

Reduced system implementation

The Navertica Agile project methodology can be used in a simplified form for implementations of standard systems (Microsoft + Navertica modules) or their parts. Even in this case, a fixed budget and other features of the methodology are binding, but the list of applicable service items is significantly reduced compared to the full Navertica Service Catalogue.

Reduced system implementation is most often applied to simple systems running in a cloud environment.

System integration

For many customers, it is important to interconnect different Microsoft products or to integrate systems on the Microsoft platform including Navertica modules with third-party systems. NAVERTICA has got extensive experience with integration solutions and the use of specialized integration tools.