Custom development

Do you need solution that covers exactly all your processes, and which will adapt to all future changes?

We can offer you tailored comprehensive solutions based on your specific needs framed by Microsoft Dynamics 365. This proven technology provides to all users straightforward orientation in data, creation of new records as well as searching for particular documents. Besides, our development is future-oriented, so we always create and deliver the system which can be easily modified or extended according to the changing needs of your business.

What is our style of work?

  1. Firstly, we will help you to classify your needs and set goals that the business information system should meet and, finally, what results and benefits you expect to get.
  2. The following phase is the detailed specification of what the information system should be able to do taking into consideration, not only its today’s design but future needs.  Where the system functional horizons will be headed. These aspects are more than necessary for the trouble-free and straightforward development of an information system, etc.  
  3. It is also essential to discuss with employees to get their opinion about newly incorporated functions and what they most appreciate. Above all, it will be mainly those who will work and use the system daily.
  4. The user interface of the information system is continuously tested on users, and we consult with them on all essential functional elements so that everyone can work efficiently with the application in a long-term and efficient manner.
  5. Even after complete handover, however, we will continue to take care of your business information system and provide technical support.

Our experienced specialists ensure the design and development of the user interface. During the initial R&D stages of the client’s interface, all client’s needs are thoroughly identified and analyzed to meet all interface requirements. The manager needs various reports, spreadsheets, directories, and calendars, while the warehouseman needs easy access to orders, inventory levels, and item location as well as delivery notes.

Our experience is our spokesperson

Company Kajot approached us with a request for custom development, and we delivered an all-inclusive solution called Navertica Gaming and Lottery. This system customization is convenient for companies engaged in the production, service, and running of gaming machines business, interactive video lottery terminals, and online betting. The solution includes manufacturing, service, logistics, economics, and all specific agendas required by law.

Benefits for society

  • Processing all agendas in one database. Online monitoring of costs and revenues with the possibility of detail drill down up to individual business premises and terminals.
  • Orders certification processing is accelerated and extended due to targeting orders of certificates. This is possible due to a connection with the request of the business premises. The customized system also monitors the validity of the document. 
  • Automation of the calculation of levies for public benefit purposes based on data in the information system -> reduction of the calculation processing time of VPÚ by up to 90%.
  • Data transfers between Microsoft dynamics 365 Business Central /earlier Dynamics NAV/ and external applications automate processes such as meter readings or posting data from online betting.
  • The use of a service module will reduce response times and increase the use of technicians’ time. It reduces machine downtimeby up to 50%. The system allows you to record service costs at the level of each machine.

What does the solution contain?


The economical solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central /earlier Dynamics NAV/ fully supports the valid Czech legislation and includes standard functionalities such as general ledger, budgeting, liability and receivables management, cash management, and controlling.

Fixed assets

A file of fixed assets is available for the registration of assets. System registres leased terminals in the fixed asset file. Such information also includes the certificate number or a link to the current lease contract.

Operation authorization, fees and levies

The module that records the conduct of administrative proceedings enables monitoring of the current status of the procedure for permitting the operation of gaming machines. The records include information on the dates of the administrative proceedings, the deadlines for submitting documents, the workflow for processing the request, and the calculation of local fees for the operated gaming machine.

Warehouse management and logistics

Warehouse management enables the registration of stocks in all company’s warehouses. These warehouses consist of smaller units – bins, which facilitates orientation in the warehouse. The system supports work with serial numbers, barcodes, and batches, including tools for tracking serial and batch numbers.

Terminal records

The system keeps records of all terminals in the file of service items. The records contain important information about each terminal, including information about the supplier and the business premise location.


The service module manages repairs and maintenance of vending machines. Service orders keep records of consumption of components and, in the case of replacement, also the return of the original piece to the stock. The service application keeps track of the consumed time of each technician in the timesheet, including the distinction of the type of work (path, repair).

Business contracts

The file of business contracts within the Navertica Gaming and Lottery solution enables system processing of such agreements with gaming device operators. The deal contains settings for automating the issuance of documents. Based on the set rules, the status of the counters on the individual machines and other information relevant for invoicing, certificates are automatically issued from the contract module

Internet betting and games

The online betting and gaming module provides tools for communication with external online betting and gaming applications. Communication between the external system and business information system includes the transfer of information about players, payments credited to player accounts, or requests for withdrawals from player accounts.