Product training

NAVERTICA organizes professional training and user courses for the product platforms and vertical solutions it supplies to end customers.

We train users to work with business solutions for information systems. Our professional training enables management, key users and ordinary employees to increase their proficiency with information systems. Our courses deepen their knowledge within the area of IT.


  • tailored to customer requirements
  • prepared so we can meet your requirements and expectations
  • personal and not open to customers from various companies
  • reflects the needs and specifics of the customer’s system
  • prepared with regard to the used systems, version, language environment as well as the position of the participants and their skill-level as a user
  • focused on specific issues of each customer
  • carried out according to defined training methodologies

We truly understand the products which provide training for. We realize projects in using these products, developing and implementing them to provide solutions to our customers.

What do we train?

How do we train?

Our offer includes both standard courses as well training sessions prepared for a particular company and its employees. We always define what the individual customer needs and based on that we prepare a time and content proposal for courses. NAVERTICA trainings take into account the version of your systems, their internal modifications, language environment and the skill-level of your users.

In the preparation and realization of our training, we always proceed according to our training methodologies.

Who do we provide training to?

Professional training is tailored to the needs of our customers for whom we develop and supply business solutions (ERP, CRM, DMS), and where we are their long-term partners / suppliers.
Professional trainings are also held for other product users in the field of business information systems, even if we are not their IS supplier. The degree of knowledge of users is not critical, we train beginners and we adapt to the needs of specific customers.

  • Process users (common users of the system)
  • Key users
  • Advanced administrators
  • Management

Who trains?

Training is led by our professional consultants, experts on Microsoft products in the field of business information systems, including our own business process specific development.

Consultants have extensive experience in implementing solutions tailored to customer requirements. Our customer implementations are always accompanied by professional training of users at all levels.

Training is therefore a key part of the activities of our consultants.

A participant evaluates his/her satisfaction with training and supervisor.

Where do we train?

We realize our training at our branches in the Czech and Slovak Republics and South Africa, or within your company. We will provide training for you in Czech, Slovak or English language.

  • Brno, CZ
  • Praha, CZ
  • Bratislava, SK
  • Johannesburg, SA

How much does the training cost?

We create training tailored to your greatest satisfaction, so we will be happy to compile a price offer based on your requirements.

Are you interested in? Request a price offer from our specialist.