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Navertica Recruitment & Staffing

A flexible solution for managing recruitment and staffing processes!

Navertica Recruitment & Staffing is a custom-tailored solution built by industry-leading CRM experts. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, it represents a robust, up-to-date system for managing your recruitment and/or staffing processes.

Does your company experience these pains?

Are your employees

  • doing tedious, repetitive work creating duplicates or errors?
  • battling with isolated islands of data? (client, candidate, employee data in multiple places and in various forms)
  • not staying in touch while on-the-go?
  • having difficulty tracking conversation history to use as reference?
  • treating every customer/candidate the same?

Is management

  • unaware of day-to-day details?
  • required to hold meetings to know employee’s activities?
  • unsure why a candidate or order was won or lost?

You can optimize and continuously innovate business processes thanks to the built-in functions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports faster interaction with business partners, automated workflows and collaboration with Microsoft 365 applications increase user efficiency.

Solution Benefits

  • Complete employment process coverage
  • Built on a continuously growing Microsoft platform
  • Consistent with other Microsoft technologies
  • Customization = Simple modification
  • Scalable, modular, robust
  • World-leading platform on the CRM systems market
  • User-friendly
  • Deployment: On-Premise or On-line (Microsoft cloud)

What does the solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer?

Universal Microsoft Platform – the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform ensures compatibility with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Power BI and other parts of Microsoft‘s technology stack.

Scalable, Extensible, Customizable modular approach to encompass new or other specialized components.

Unchained Mobility supports Android and iOS.

Communication Possibilities – Digital telephony support, pop-ups on incoming calls with information about the caller and SMS messaging system for communication with candidates linked to an order or other records.

Key functions

Recruitment Process

Staffing Process

360° candidate view: skills, desires, experience and communication.

Manage employees, contracts, work agendas and work records.

Transform text CVs into structured, searchable data.

Calculate advancements, bonuses and damages.

Easily cross-find candidates.

Oversee employee accommodation.

Manage client orders, the selection process and convert candidates into employees..

Handle protective equipment, inventory and related warehouse mechanics.

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