Mechanical engineering

The Branch solution Navertica Mechanical Engineering

The branch solution Navertica Mechanical Engineering created on ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central uses companies belonging to the engineering sector. The vital process characteristic of these companies is the production type Make-to-Order (MTO) and frequent change management as the cause of unexpected changes of various kinds. These changes affecting routings and production BOM structures can be solved with the help of advanced planning.

The Branch solution Navertica Mechanical Engineering created on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Benefits of vertical solution created on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Lower material consumption and ist better use. Consumption decrease results in the lower acquisition cost of the raw materials.  The final impact is increased profits by up to 40%, and the stock value is reduced by up to 50%.
  • Faster response to customer requirements results in a higher chance of winning new deals.
  • The reduction of lead times comes up to 70% and a higher probability of deliveries in time up to 45%. These remarkable improvement results in an increasing number of new customers. And finally, more customers results in turnover  up to 60%
  • Better use of raw materials, faster response to customer requirements, continuous yield calculation allow better decision-making, and thus related lower costs and a better market position as well. Market share can increase by up to 30%.
  • Decreasing the stock value and thus increasing liquidity. Reduction of rejects by up to 50% and the reduction of associated costs by up to 40%. Reducing the storage area leads to a decrease in warehousing and handling costs by up to 50%.
  • Lower stock value. A smaller number of warehouse manipulations lead to a reduction in the cost of warehouse operations by up to 50%.
  • The increase in new customers is due to the more stable business policy application. Such an increase results in increasing turnover and profit by up to 60%.
  • Faster response to requirements and thus a reduction in ordering costs by up to 50%.
  • Remarquable benefit lies in warnings about exceeding the allowable credit, not available material, or pending of final product shipment. Better transport planning. Less downtime and faster deliveries. As a result, the market share can increase by up to 30%.
  • Shorter lead times and lower operating costs. Better organization of crew capacity utilization and their performance evaluation concerning remuneration. The efficiency/cost ratio linked to resources will improve by up to 60%.
  • The branch solution  Navertica Mechanical Engineering has a direct impact on quality management and complaint management related to suppliers and customers as well.  The final result is lower operating costs by at least 50%.

The key processes of these companies:

  • product design and preparation of production documents (TPV)
  • preparatory work associated with components by cutting, heat treatment or machine or manual processing 
  • completion of subassemblies and their possible combination with purchased items
  • surface treatment of material and packaging
  • Advanced logistics and production planning with the help of the fully integrated Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) application PlannerOne
  • quality control and shipping
  • material purchase planning (MRP)
  • flexible rules for creating calculations

Critical needs of the branch solution:

  •  optimization of planning the purchase of input materials
  • advanced planning and scheduling  (APS)
  • automatic registration of all logistics and production operations in the production process
  • two-way relationship between customer requirement and production order, including purchase requisitions (tracking )
  • online evaluation of differences between plan and reality
  • flexible modification of technological procedures (routings) depending on the capacity of  machines, availability of workforce and material and constantly changes in customer requirements
  • automation of shopfloor  management
  • specification of materials, semi-finished products, and final products using production batches
  • flexible response to changes in production batch sizes and types of processing materials and to changes in production processes
  • online posting of all transactions to the general ledger

Critical functions of the branch solution for mechanical engineering

Using the branch solution, Navertica Mechanical Engineering extends the standard manufacturing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) with the ability to perform balancing and inventory of work in progress. In addition to the analysis of the use of production capacities, it is also possible to analyze internal and external discrepancies, including monitoring of the consumed material consumption, machine time, hours worked by individual employees or entire teams in graphical and numerical form.

The APS planning application allows you to take into account the planned downtimes for machine maintenance. APS enables optimizing the plans by use of planning using finite capacities of the resources. After such an optimization, it is possible to display selected orders graphically and their operations or just manually drag-and-drop to move planned production operation between alternative centers in a case of overloaded chosen machine center. The APS application enables a significant reduction of production lead times according to the date of deliveries of the raw material or adjustment of selected operations. Moreover, it is possible to store individually simulated or even used production plans for later use.

Business Central and branch  solution for mechanical engineering

  • Financial management
  • Purchase and Sales
  • Warehouse management
  • Production
  • Maintenance management
  •  Quality management
  • Shipment management
  • Loading and Sub-loading
  • Call-offs and EDI management
  • Calculations
  •  Batch monitoring
  • Types of packaging
  • Pallet management
  • Pallet management
  • Work teams
  • Graphic display of orders
  • Production batch reservation
  • Automatic shopfloor control
  • Cooperation management
  • Alternative machine centers
  • Job queues
  • Queues of machine centers
  • Work in progress
  • Analysis of discrepancies
  • Profit analysis
  • Revenue analysis
  • Work-flow
  • Cost analysis
  • Production dispatching
  • JIT
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO TS 16949
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 14001, ISO 27001
  • Optimization of production plans thanks to APS planning

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