What do efficient processes look like in your cold stores?

You ask yourself, “What are the principles of cold stores?” It’s storage, transport and distribution. On top of all that, your cold stores face completely different challenges than the surrounding warehouses.

There are many factors that affect the productivity of your processes, employees can not stay in a cold environment for too long, fresh and frozen goods do not just reach customers automatically and safely. At the same time, you address other quality requirements.

Wondering how to ensure the efficiency of all processes effortlessly?
Let’s take a look at it together!

Software for cold store logistics

Boltrics, in collaboration with the Dutch Cold Storage Association, has developed a software solution exceptionally for cold stores. NEKOVRI Dynamics offers a solution that integrates business and logistics processes into standard software. From temperature control to batch number registration, manufacturing information and expiration date. But also for buying, selling and finance.

How to stay on top of quality without additional paperwork?

Once you receive the goods, you check their quality, but there are products that require additional inspection. By connecting wireless terminals or tablets to the WMS system, you can always check the quality in the logistics process. From the many functions, select the priority you want to check. All your results are linked to the relevant goods in the WMS and are neatly registered in a place where they will be accessible to all authorized persons.

Monitor quality with temperature control

Temperature monitoring is probably one of the duties at the top of your list. If it is proven that there is a deviation in temperature, the system determines exactly in which specific pallet the deviation is located. In addition, the system records all sample values.

Go through annoying discussions in case of damage

How to inform the customer as soon as possible that the goods have been damaged. As soon as the goods arrive at the warehouse, the bar codes are scanned (for example) by the forklift driver. Is damage detected? With the application (on a tablet or phone), photos are taken and a possible description of the damage is sent. The photo and description are directly linked to the WMS / TMS with the input document. If necessary, the customer is sent an automatic (e-mail) message with a photo attached.

Keep everything cool and meet the requirements for organic products

Organic products need increased attention. This is accompanied by a check that ensures the authenticity of products that are labeled as organic. Therefore, any company that manufactures, processes, packs, imports, trades or stores these products must meet certain criteria. For example, organic products must be stored in such a way as to avoid mixing or exchange with other products. With our software, you can effortlessly record all the data in stock – from tracking items to the way you should perform procedures.

Guaranteed full monitoring

The software enables product traceability based on expiration number or lot. It can capture the necessary qualities at different levels that are important to you. For example, temperature measurement or acidity level.

To measure means to know

Logically, we want to identify which customers generate money and which the other way around. With an overview of turnover speed or customer occupancy, you know exactly how to work with profit or you can implement rate adjustments.