I want to know more!

These are values we believe in, and which are the key to everything we do for long term and successful development of our team.

  • Pleasant work environment

We want to feel good at work. That is why we have tea, coffee, fruit and sometimes something sweet at our disposal at work. When we request something, our dear HR Lucia is happy to help.

  • Trustworthiness

We know that we can trust our colleagues. Some tasks often require delegation or cooperation and the option to rely on a colleague is mandatory. The ability to listen to customers, empathy and feedback from co-workers is also important.

  • Positive and proactive attitude

Proactivity in negotiation, looking for solution, accepting challenges, taking responsibility. We value the proactivity of employees in NAVERTICA. Our ideas quite often transform into real actions. We also value consistence and following rules when negotiating with customers, clarity of contracts and conditions, win-win principle in negotiations, positive references, and mutual respect

  • Teamwork

We communicate openly, and we are not solo players. We pass our experience and knowledge to our colleagues, so we can achieve the best results (AAR – After Action Reaction).

  • Professional growth

Willingness to educate and develop our knowledge is required and supported in NAVERTICA. We have a possibility to get certificates, which are bound to us, and we can keep them to the rest of our lives.

And what about the corporate surroundings?

  • In Brno we do not have „open space“ type space – except programmers. We have an office for 4 people. In other smaller branches we have open spaces.
  • Communication and the dressing style between employees is rather informal.
  • We have introduced so-called Focus Time during working hours. We do not disturb each other and help each other in concentration.  
  • We have been using the Home Office for years, regardless of the pandemic. Related to this is the flexible working hours.