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Our values, which we have discovered over time, reflect on the ethical level rules that we follow:


Professional knowledge / experiance ( – product, – process, – methodical), Social intelligence, Setting rules, responsibility, adherence to company methodology.

Positive approach

Proactivity in negotiations, Searching for solutions / willingness to search, Accepting cchallenges, Taking responsibility.

Professional growth

Willingness to learn, Willingness to take over experience, Innovation, Motivation, Longevity (development, career).


Opet communication in a team, Transfer and sharing of experiences, Not on my own, I do not spoil the result of work of others, Support collaborators (AAR – After Action Reaction).


Listening to customers (internal and external), Empathy, f\eedback from so-workers – reguested and provided, Open communication with the surroundings.

Satisfied customer

Consistency and compliance with the rules when dealing with the customer,  Clear contract / clear conditions, Win- win principle in negotiations, Positive references, reciprocal respect.

And what about the corporate surroundings?

  • We do not have „open space“ type space – except programmers. We have an office for 4 people.
  • Communication and the dressing style between employees is rather informal.
  • We have introduced so-called Focus Time during working hours. We do not disturb each other and help each other in concentration.  
  • We have been using the Home Office for years, regardless of the pandemic. Related to this is the flexible working hours.

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