The company PrintVis was founded in Denmark by 4 visionaries, who wanted to create the best solution for graphics and printing industry. Thanks to their background in both software development and printing they decided, that the solution they will create must be built on proven and worldwide acknowledged product, so it can be fully integrated and globally available.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the predecessor of the current Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, became the solution, which helped them achieve their goal. PrintVis built onto it a complete MIS solution specifically for the print industry vertical.

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A solution built on a proven system

PrintVis is a complete standard MIS/ERP solution for managing company in printing industry. It is developed and certified for the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which implementation is quick and usage simple. The connection with Business Central allows the PrintVis application to be completely focused on solving printing processes, while the key ERP functions are supplied by the Microsoft company, which applies years of customer and partner experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central features:

  • Financial management and accounting – Completely manage your cash, assets, and banking.
  • Supply chain, manufacturing, and operations – Track and manage your production, inventory, orders, and vendors.
  • Marketing, sales, and service – Manage your campaigns, sales opportunities, contacts, and service contracts.
  • Project management – Create estimates, track projects, and manage your capacity.
  • Business intelligence and reporting – Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and to make decisions with insight.
  • Multi-currency – Compete globally with multi-currency and language capabilities.

What sets PrintVis apart?

Aside from the fact that PrintVis has now been in the market for over 20 years, undergoing constant development by highly skilled specialists from the print industry, probably the greatest asset you will gain by adopting PrintVis to help you run your business is the strength and longevity of a certified Microsoft product, with all the familiarity and resilience you’ve come to know and trust from a company committed to driving business forward and improving manufacturing worldwide.