Navertica Telemedicine (NaTMed)


Cloud application Telemedicine – NaTMed is designed for medical facilities that want to allow their clients / patients comprehensive electronic communication with a doctor, including viewing their documentation.

On the physician’s side, the communication is connected to the complex clinical system NaClin with a database structured according to the global health standard HL7.

Enable your clients / patients with comprehensive electronic communication with your doctor and take full advantage of the NaTMed Telemedicine application:


  • The system and the applications operate in the cloud.
  • Possibility to access the application by the patient from a computer, tablet or smartphone (Windows, Android, IOS).
  • Free of charge access for the patient to the application.
  • The cost of operating the system is taken by the medical facility.
  • No investment requirements, operating costs only.
  • Payments are made monthly by bank transfer or credit card.
  • Adjustable language layers.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 PowerApps platform.
  • Microsoft SQL database.
  • Communication channel Twilio.
  • Link to email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, VoIP.

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What are the basic functionalities of the NaTmed Telemedicine application ?

Client / Patient

The NaTMed application contains a built-in patient database and related Services, in particular:
  • Login to the client / patient web portal of the medical facility by name and password (or click the appropriate icon). 
  • Physicians’ calendars including reservations, appointments and confirmations.
  • Secure voice and video communication, loggings are stored to the patient database. 
  • Secure text communication (chat) stored in the patient database.
  • Secure communication with structured data (forms, tasks, questionnaires, tables, etc.) stored in the patient database.
  • Structured communication using tickets (HelpDesk) to which various attachments (e.g. messages, photos, etc.) can be added. All stored in the patient database. 
  • Possibility of patient views to accessible data stored in inpatient / outpatient system (e.g. laboratory results).
  • Interface for on-line connection of medical devices 
  • Interface for alarm systems activated upon detection of predefined values of specified data fields.

Healthcare professional

The patient database (NaClin) mainly covers the following functionalities:
  • Login to the inpatient / outpatient system by a healthcare professional by name and password, assignment of workplace and professional skills according to set parameters of expert teams.
  • Patient identification (Patient Register) including all necessary data. 
  • Planning / ordering calendars for various doctors or workplaces.  
  • Variable “sister” workspace of outpatient departments (calendar, patients ordered, waiting room, work in progress, closed).
  • Outpatient card and records of encounters, medication, records of provided health care, lists of documents, registered consents, issuance of certificates, diets, …
  • Prescription, ePrescription, eSicknotes. 
  • Instructions and tasks for patients, fulfillment control (e.g. application of medicines) – can be enrolled by a doctor, but above all it can be performed remotely directly by the patient via a web portal.   
  • Requests for examination, vouchers, laboratory results, results of imaging methods. 
  • Posting of performed services (e.g. remote consultation) for medical aids.
  • Statistical outputs in graphical environment BI.
  • Interface to other hospital systems.

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