To the cloud: doing more with less. Flexible, safe & 24/7 available

The world is going through unprecedented change. Historically, economically, and technologically. But besides all the uncertainties, one thing is certain: organizations worldwide focus on digitalization. Offering you the tools to navigate through this change. To do more work with fewer resources. Ant to be less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

As a logistics service provider, you know what it means to distinguish yourself from your competition. Technology helps you to support the distinctive character of your logistic operation. To achieve more, despite the current labor shortages.

The developments in IT are going fast. The secret to keeping up? Technology is not a train you can keep up with by running. Technology is a train that you simply have to be on. In front or the back. It’s up to you. As long as you get aboard.

There is no perfect balance between supply and demand. There never was. The key is to rebalance continuously. Shifting gears between the availability of your resources and the market needs. The cloud offers the most flexible way to align your IT investments. Enabling yourself to gain more results with less. No need for investments in servers, for example. But still easily scalable in the number of licenses. No worries about backups. Yet the highest level possible in data protection. Less complexity. More innovation.

“Nearly a third of respondents to Gartner’s research said that technology is critical to the success and growth of their business.”

With 3PL Dynamics, we build on and trust the #1 in SaaS: Microsoft Azure. As we speak, over 50 customers already use the cloud solution. In 2022 alone, 13 companies made the switch from on-premise to SaaS. And that transition will gain speed. Especially with the guarantee we recently received from Microsoft: ‘because you are one of our priority customers, we believe it is important to offer you more support from Microsoft.’ In other words, even more (cloud) power!

Microsoft Azure: 100% focus on security to protect your data

One of the most important reasons for customers to choose the cloud is security. Software installed on local servers brings along challenges. And in some cases even dangers. Over the recent period, multiple logistics service providers were victims of hacks. Software that ran on local servers stopped without a warning. And the impact was huge: the entire operation stood still for multiple days.

“Azure is the world’s computer. We have more than 60 data center regions connected by 175,000 miles of fiber.”

As an individual company, you simply cannot compete with the security efforts of a company like Microsoft. For example, Microsoft itself already invests 1 billion dollars in security and compliance. And they use AI and machine learning to analyze their data. Technology that can pick up hacking activities before your files are encrypted. When the system recognizes a device is compromitted or in danger, cloud blocking is immediately activated. All to keep hackers out and your data safe.

After reading the benefits stated above, the shift to the cloud makes even more sense. Now, the question remains: when will you take this step toward the future?

Do you want to learn more about how 3PL Dynamics is supported in the Microsoft SaaS environment? Contact us and learn more.