How to determine the most important KPIs or your logistics business?

With the arrival of new information technologies, processes in the logistics industry are increasingly automated and documented. From the processes in the warehouse to the transportation of goods. Due to the growth in data, it is becoming increasingly difficult to quickly map the performance of processes. 

Many logistics service providers experience a lack of visual overview in which the results of critical performance indicators are immediately visible. It takes a lot of time to extract and interpret data with little effort. Often ad hoc and the units of measurement are not fixed. However, if you want to stay in control? Keep costs under control in the long term or even reduce them? Improve the quality of their services. Then it is important to have insight into the performance of internal processes.  

Determine the right Key Performance Indicators. What are the most important KPIs for the logistics sector and what are the possibilities of data visualization and visual reports with Microsoft Power BI? We have brought together the top 7 KPIs in our whitepaper.