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Navertica Hospital ERP – Hospital Information System

Navertica Hospital ERP is a complex vertical solution that combines the advantages of business process management standard in a world-class ERP system with the unique requirements of clinics, health centers, and hospitals.

Key process areas clinics and hospitals agendas in particular are:

  • Finance management (general ledger, asset management etc.)
  • Insurance provider and patient billing
  • Medical record management
  • Online requisition management
  • Bed occupancy management
  • Pharmacy
  • Cafeteria/ kitchen, laundry, cleaning
  • Service and maintenance of medical equipment and instruments

Lean processes principal supported by uniform user environment (Microsoft) on a single database (Microsoft SQL) is the basic feature of the branch solution Navertica Hospital ERP. This complex solution creates prerequisites for unbiased measurement of process results (even with regard to diagnosis) and complies the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 requirements.

Key needs of the healthcare centers:

  • Ongoing managerial information:
    • Sales and costs to each department
    • Sales and cost to each client / patient
    • Sales and costs to each diagnosis
    • Sales and costs to each physician
    • Overview information
  • Bookkeeping, budgets
  • Banks, cash-desks
  • Approval work-flow
  • Invoicing to insurances / private clients
  • Requisitions / inside orders
  • Inside rebilling among costs centers
  • Drug consumption registration to each patient
  • Inpatient reservations
  • Outpatient reservations
  • Shift scheduling
  • Link to diagnostic systems
  • Link to laboratory systems
  • Hotel services
  • Staff training
  • Space inventory, registration and description
  • Rents and leases
  • Service costs splitting

MS Dynamics NAV and MS Windows SharePoint to improve the operation of a healthcare facility

There is a necessity to exploit those SW tools flexible fixing up every medical, economic, managerial and support process to ensure the quality and to range of medical services and theirs future advancement. The complex branch solution Navertica Hospital ERP based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform and MS Windows SharePoint is a vital pillar of that strategy.

Pic. 1.: Conceptually incorrect structure of customary systems used in health centers. The finance and bookkeeping subsystem is one of the external modules of so called Hospital Information System.

Pic. 2.: Conceptually correct structure of a health center as well as any other company. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system forms the basis of the whole Hospital Information System and other subsystems as application extend the ERP basis.

Key functionalities of the vertical solution

  • Ongoing managerial information:
  • Sales and costs to each department
  • Sales and cost to each patient / client
  • Sales and costs to each diagnosis
  • Sales and costs to each physician
  • Basis for performance-based remuneration
  • Online overview information
  • Meetings, tasks, terms management
  • Access rights management
  • Approval work-flow
  • Bookkeeping, budgets, controlling
  • Banks, cash desks
  • Assets, depreciations
  • Payables and receivables
  • Invoicing to insurances / private clients
  • Medical records management
  • Link between outpatient and inpatient medical records
  • Pharmacotherapy prescribing
  • Therapeutic interventions prescribing
  • Requisitions / inside orders
  • Inside rebilling among costs centers
  • Drug consumption registration to each patient
  • Inpatient reservations
  • Outpatient reservations
  • Shift scheduling
  • Link to diagnostic systems
  • Link to laboratory systems
  • Drugs and material supply
  • Bar codes identification
  • Automatic purchasing
  • Patient and staff catering
  • Cleaning management
  • Laundry management
  • Hotel services
  • Shift scheduling
  • Staff training
  • Grants, research projects
  • Congresses and conferences
  • Space inventory, registration and description
  • Rents and leases, energy readouts
  • Service and energy costs splitting
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Forced repairs
  • Metrology
  • Data communication with external subjects

Navertica Hospital ERP

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated ERP system used for the complex management of organizations (finance, purchase, stock, sales, etc.). With the correct methodology and experience, such a system can be implemented quickly and efficiently. NAV is simple and intuitive and everybody can easily learn all its necessary principles. However, NAV standard version without Navertica Hospital ERP module doesn’t provide either any medical record management or any hospital operations agenda.

Navertica Hospital ERP modules (Microsoft registered) enhance standard NAV by advanced tools of reporting towards insurances, medical records management, prescribing, electronic requisitions, etc. NAV common functions such as navigation, drill-down tracing, filtering, etc. can be used, of course, also in the new functionalities.

Standard NAV is completed into required shape by Navertica Hospital ERP functionalities of drugs and material supply as from the vendors so inside the hospital. There are set ups of drug (or material or work) consumption posting that enable to distinguish whether the consumption is booked in the moment of purchasing or by shipment from central stock or by picking on the ward or by application for concrete patient (client).

Navertica Facility Management (FCM)

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MS Dynamics NAV with Navertica FCM module (Microsoft registered) elevates standard NAV into a comprehensive facility management subsystem. There is the maintenance scheduling, operations, posting and evaluation ether as preventive or as repairs.

Space inventory and description belongs to a precise facility management. Further, each asset item can be also a subject of lease. Rent contracts including changes, automatic rent posting, payment matching, etc. are related to the space. Services and energy meter readings can be automated and linked to automatic rent invoicing.

Facility management usually demands staff with pre-requisited qualification. That’s why certification and staff training records management is a part of Navertica FCM module.

Navertica Metrology module (Microsoft registered) enhance Navertica FCM and ensures metrology functionalities (gauge hierarchical structure, calibrations, etc.).

Navertica Point

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Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is a technological platform for document management, data storage and supporting team co-operation. NaverticaPoint modules elevates the standard SharePoint environment into sophisticated application for document management of various types and team cooperation above shared documents Available modules are:

IntraPoint – intranet, bulletin boards, announcements, etc.
DocuPoint – subsystem for document management, comments, approvals, etc.
ISOPoint – subsystem for ISO 9001 support; audits, nonconformities, corrective measures, etc.
PartnerPoint – subsystem for creating of combined team shared spaces
RiskPoint – subsystem for risk management of information security according to ISO 27001
ConferencePoint – subsystem for meeting, tasks, terms, notes, invitations management, etc.
TaskPoint – subsystem complex tasks assigning, monitoring and reviewing.




Uniform and complex system Each department revenues and costs on-line monitoring => bottom line improvement up to 5%
Revenues and costs allocated to each patient and diagnosis Bottom line improvement up to 5%
Drugs, material and resources capacity consumption allocated and booked to each patient Bottom line improvement up to 10%
Integrated and simplified processes Insurance / private clients invoicing time cuts up to 20%
One database, one data storage Error amount decrease, data processing time consumption decrease => headcount decrease up to 5%
Homogeneous system and application SW environment Maintenance and SW upgrade costs decrease, IT staff headcount decrease up to 5%
Facility management Property care improvement, well-timed allocation of financial resources, costs reduction
Rent contract processing automating, automated invoicing and booking of rents, services and energy Headcount reduction up to 10%, error amount reduction

Solution details

Solution type: Software offering, Training and Consulting Services Offering, Know-how offering
Product: MS Dynamics NAV and related Navertica Hospital ERP vertical solution, MS Windows SharePoint
Industry classification: Healthcare
Size of customer organization: Mid-market Business - 50-3000 employees
Languages supported: English, Czech
Solution price: Contact Seller

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