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Navertica Hospital Information System (NaHIS)

Navertica Hospital Information System (NaHIS) is a complex information system for healthcare facilities providing inpatient and/or outpatient care. It is designed especially for healthcare facilities that want to be economically efficient and to realize it, they need the appropriate tools.

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Navertica Hospital ERP (NaHERP)

Navertica Hospital ERP (NaHERP) is a key component of the Navertica Hospital Information System (NaHIS). NaHERP is an economic system created on the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and is suitable for hospitals, health centers, and hospitals.

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Navertica Clinical Information System (NaClin)

Navertica Clinical Information System (NaClin) is an information system designed for the processing of medical and nursing documentation and the management of the operation of a healthcare facility providing inpatient and/or outpatient care. NaClin has been developed/built using the Microsoft Dynamics Power Apps Platform.

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Navertica Hospital Logistics (NaHLog)

Module Navertica Hospital Logistics (NaHLog) is part of Navertica Hospital (ERP NaHERP) and is designed for the ordering and delivery of medicines and general materials from suppliers from the central warehouse or other hospital departments. Complex records of medicines and materials interconnect with other NAV modules, especially with invoicing, stocks, budgets, etc. Besides material handling, it also enables the ordering of services like, e.g., maintenance, etc.

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