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Navertica Car Dealership is a vertical solution for car dealers. The solution includes all specific requirements for the successful vehicle sale process. The solution covers marketing, business processes and fleet management system and also contains a tool for customer retention, reporting and controlling.

Navertica Car Dealership is a complex vertical solution for car dealers built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. We used the experience from our customers in developing this solution. We have received Microsoft Awards 2014 for the vertical solution in an Innovative solution based on the Dynamics CRM platform category.

Frequent problems of car dealers

  • Unclear, difficult to monitor business process
  • Difficult to measure ongoing results and overall performance of sales representatives
  • Complicated processing and recording all aspects of the business cases
  • Deficit of after sales activities
  • Disorder in the administration of vehicles
  • Complicated processing of business documents
  • Insufficient quality of information recorded
  • Shortage of tools for activity related retention of customers
  • None automated processes of marketing and sales activities
  • Inability to edit and adjust the system

Key Benefits

  • Reducing the administrative responsibility of business representatives
  • Improving relationships Customer – Dealer
  • Detailed business process management
  • Management and evaluation of after-sales activities
  • Comprehensive tools for fleet management
  • The exact date and effective tools for marketing
  • Automated sales and marketing processes
  • User-friendly graphic environment
  • Data integration between CRM and other systems (eg mandatory systems of manufacturer or ERP systems)

Business and business process

Navertica Car Dealership is solution built on Microsoft Dynamics. The solution allows sales representatives to have more time to for their real work – ie commerce and customer communication. Graphics environment with intuitive interface leads the business process from the outset of opportunities to the release of the car sold. It guides the merchant automatically by gathering better data for future business. All collected records are subsequently easy to analyze, evaluate, and use for marketing purposes.

Records can be easily connected with each other. The user can detect even the smallest related details. For individual records you can have internal communication, so all departments have an overview of their colleagues activities with clients.

When data is filled in properly, the CRM system automatically adjusts the relevant options from which the user will choose the next steps. For example, after filling in the required information, the system offers only one type of contract option for the entered information. The system saves time at every step and does not inundate the user with information that is not relevant.

Vehicle Management

The solution Navertica Car Dealership gives you complete control and overview of your fleet management. Whether it is a custom, stock or second-hand car, they can always be traced, including the smallest details, such as overviews of stockpiled tires, warranty, service visits, test drives, and many others.

The record of vehicles can be quickly filtered, displaying different types of views, create interactive graphs, or otherwise evaluate the data. Control of these functionalities is very similar as in a standard Microsoft Office suit, so even new users of the system can easily adapt.

The work itself also facilitates the default series of individual workflow with subsequent automation of all business processes related to the sale and management of vehicles.

Marketing and Customer Retention

You can easily create very precise marketing campaigns with sufficient business records. These can be both static, and dynamic. That means the system selects customers in these lists automatically, according to pre-defined criteria. Campaigns can therefore be very efficient and effective; one can evaluate the information and establish further decisions for planning future marketing activities and campaigns.

Besides the campaigns you can also use CRM system to manage marketing gift items and their subsequent rollout to customers. You can record a benefit system, sending out newsletters or management from the call center.

Based on the output from the marketing department you can well-adjust after-sales marketing processes and activities not only for salesmen, but also for other departments. The relationship with the customer can be comprehensively improved and the quantity and the possibility of repeated purchases can be increased.

Business Intelligence, Reporting and Controlling

Each user has an opening screen with their own dash board. You can create one yourself or use pre- defined dash board. With dash boards, the user gets the CRM overview of the most important things for his/her roles. Whether it is a list of own activities, team activities, progress opportunities or list of stock cars. The dash boards are fully customizable for individual users and able to graphically display any data in the system.

Managers may also determine the criteria for the management of the sales processes by creating tasks and setting targets for their subordinates. Everything can be closely monitored, evaluated and analyzed. This allows the CRM system to improve the management and operation of the whole team.

Information recorded in all parts of the solution by Navertica Car Dealership can be connected with standard Microsoft Reporting Services platform for creating custom reports and outputs.

Navertica Car Dealership and Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is an independent ERP system, which generally includes the functionality for the purchasing, sales, warehouse, service, accounting and finance. At NAVERTICA we also use this system for vehicle sales, which in addition significantly expands service functionality. ERP systems are specified in file cabinets connected on-line to a CRM system, so all important business processes can be done in real-time and without interruption.

Navertica Car Dealership and information system vehicle manufacturer

Advanced customers can also take advantage of the connection to the vehicle manufacturer's factory system. Data available in interconnected systems can be used for enrich CRM functionality (such as updating status of the vehicle on order from the manufacturer's factory). It is also possible to connect the Dynamics system to the factory system and gain from the ERP system approach to identifying manufactured vehicles, replacement parts, etc.

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