Pre-sales consultants

Now more than ever, companies are busy with managing activities aimed at generating business and improving the production or supply of services. They have no time or capacity for their own professional development in the field of business systems.

Therefore they need reliable partnerships with a respectable supplier who understands their process requirements and can intelligibly communicate their proposed solutions and capture the benefits in a comprehensive business solution.

Contact our experienced pre-sales consultants. They have years of experience in the field of integrated and comprehensive business solutions. They understand current trends in software solutions and possess business process know-how at the core of vertical solutions for manufacturing – automotive, plastics, mechanical engineering, as well as for service and leasing, commercial print and more.

Tomáš Sáček

Key Account Manager

Tomas´s professional career is bound with NAVERTICA, he has worked in the position of pre-sales consultant for over 15 years. For him the starting point for negotiations with customers and partners is the strong background of the company. Tomas prefers open communication and long-term cooperation based on a personal approach. He attains customer confidence through his professional experience and knowledge of business processes, especially in the field of manufacturing and logistics.

David Kučera

Account Manager

David appreciates NAVERTICA´s team of expert consultants, which he considers as experienced professionals with insight into specific problematics and with a creative approach to the design of business solutions for customers. David has worked in the field of business systems for over 17 years and as a presales consultant he does not focuses on a specific field. But he has the most experience in manufacturing, services and commerce in general. In his communication with customers, he endeavors to understand not only customer needs but also the "pains" they experience in business processes.