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The Microsoft Dynamics NAV module called Navertica Logistics is designed for ordering and supplying medicine, medical devices and special and general material from suppliers, a central warehouse or other hospital departments. A comprehensive record of medicines and materials is linked to other modules in the MS Dynamics NAV, in particular invoicing, warehouses, budgets, etc. Besides the material also enables to order services such as maintenance, etc.

Product description

The module Navertica Logistics supports the transfer of medicines from the central warehouse to handy storage in departments and the supply on consumption at the time the medicine is used to the patient. Simple user interface, without complicated filling (just select the product / service from a code list and quantity) is easy and enables immediate use. Each user sees, according to the predefined rights, only the functions needed to do their work and therefore reduces the information overload for the user. The module allows both manual and automated creation and billing of documents, electronic communication with suppliers, facilitates the process of planning and control of actual consumption of medicines.



Product Sheet Navertica Logistics

Product Benefits:

  • Specific identification and monitoring of lot and expiration
  • Positive sheets of material, medicine
  • Evidence of medicine consumption in the department/ for the patient
  • Electronic approval of requisitions, batch-processing
  • Control of the consumption and the current availability of medicine
  • The possibility of logistics automation by using barcode readers
  • Automatic billing of warehouse operations in real time and actual prices
  • Automatic batch-processing of requisitions
  • A comparison of planned and actual consumption
  • Access from the web interface or NAV
  • Depreciation of material and work during maintenance in the department

On the right a nurse’s department card for ordering medicine once he/she detects deficiency of a medicine or other material. From the predefined Positive Sheet they select the goods or services to order. The nurse fills the data of the type of goods or service and their amount, then at the card Details the nurse fills the date of the required supplies and priority of performance of the Internal order, possibility to use the function of an automatic suggest. At the moment the requisition is complete, the nurse switches it to a status of Pending Approval.

In the My Orders Overview it is possible to check all my open Request forms and their status. You can also view the list of My Department’s Orders or Orders to Approve.

A doctor or other official responsible person for approving can see only the requests, appropriate to their approval. At the Internal Order Card it is possible to make changes to the amount or replace the medicine for another. In the sent request form the status automatically changes from “Pending Approval” to “Pending Processing”. In the case that the Internal Order is issued incorrectly it is possible to deny it completely, or just a selected line.

The responsible employee for issuing and ordering medications see only their official application forms in the overview Internal Order list – ‟Processed by Me”. The system automatically generates a receipt which will transfer to the department while sending orders for execution. If the medicines are not in stock, the user can place an order with the supplier by accessing the purchase order form.

This order form can make a suggestion using the selected rows from the requisition, or an automatic proposal can be generated based on the current warehouse status and requirements for transfers. After receiving the required medicines at department the requisition automatically switches to ‟Processed”. Consumption in the department is performed using an ‟Item Depletion Journal”, thereafter it is possible to assign the consumption to a specific department and specific patient.

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