Navertica Essentials for NAV

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  Finance and Controlling  Manufacturing  Automotive  Service industry  Project industry

Functions to enhance the productivity of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Navertica Essentials for NAV is a specific solution developed by NAVERTICA and expanding Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform options. The product includes solutions focused on finance and controlling, warehouse and logistics, business processes, planning and production management, and work with project resources.

Product description

The Navertica Essentials for NAV module was based on the experience of everyday work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It includes the most frequently used financial and controlling reports, support for comfort and easy VAT reporting. The module allows reports to be automatically generated and sent in electronic PDF format to business partners during daily contact with customers. In addition, it helps in active monitoring of maturity issued invoices, business cases management or call-off processing. It allows efficient employees work evidence on projects or operations in the manufacturing process and their subsequent monitoring and analysis. It provides a wide range of comprehensive maintenance management, planning and evidence of regular and emergency repairs and monitoring of costs.

Product benefits

  • Comfortable working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV everyday tasks
  • The electronic format of reports submitted to state authorities
  • The electronic format of documents transmitted to business partners
  • Clear analysis and overviews of production orders
  • Simple and transparent work evidence on projects
  • Manufacturing operations registered on the touch terminal

The Navertica Essentials for NAV solution function overview

Functionalities are available for Starter Pack and Pack Extended according to license by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and depending on type of user (Full / Limited User).

Finance and controlling

  • VAT Statement with Electronic transfer
  • VAT coefficient
  • VAT Control Statement for Slovakia
  • Balance sheet and P&L sheet
  • Balance sheet and P&L sheet, Appendix, PAP (auxiliary analytical statement) for contributory organizations
  • Purchase Daybook including approvals
  • G/L Account open entries and Financial stocktaking of unfinished production
  • Insolvency Register connection
  • Pre-Accounting Test (posting test)
  • Fixed Asset Inventory
  • Fixed Asset disposal batch
  • Fixed Asset property changes batch
  • Import of data from Excel and CSV
  • Balance to date report
  • Receivables/Payables Reconciliation
  • Correspondence management
  • Receivables management with Workflow
  • Allowances
  • Instrastat evidence
  • Overhead break-up by keys
  • Automatic VAT texts in sales documents
  • Automatic Currency Exchange Rates update
  • Transfer of stock item to fixed asset
  • FA including and excluding protocols

Purchase and Sales

  • Claim and Non-conformity management
  • Business Case management
  • Debtors management
  • Automatic sending of documents in PDF
  • Corresponding G/L accounts overview
  • Return package management
  • Overdue payables and receivables
  • Improved layout of business documents
  • Price-list in currencies

Logistics and Warehouse

  • Inventory to date
  • Warehouse documents printouts
  • Default values in warehouse documents
  • Idle stock check
  • Insufficient inventory check


  • Monitoring and analysis of business cases
  • Stocks analysis
  • Receivables analysis

Manufacturing (Available in Extended Pack)

  • Work registration on electronic terminal
  • Production statistics
  • Maintenance management
  • Maintenance items evidence
  • Manufacturing capacity analysis
  • Material availability analysis
  • Scrap analysis
  • Call-off management
  • Multilevel BOM and Routing expansion
  • Shifts planning
  • Employee Barcode IDs for work evidence
  • Tools evidence
  • Extended production orders overview (progress bars and indicators)

Projects (Available in Extended Pack)

  • Synchronization of the tasks with external tool
  • Work evidence

Service module (Available in Extended Pack)

  • Extended contracts
  • Management of Meters for Invoicing
  • Module for Automated Billing

Maintenance (Available in Extended Pack)

  • Evidence of Moulds, Gouges, Tools
  • Dispatch and batch generation of Maintenance orders


  • E-mail notifications for task progress
  • Support for development frameworks (Bar code printing, XML signing)