NAV Easy Security

Security and GDPR

Makes user roles and permissions set up very easy

How does it work?

NAV Easy Security consists with two solutions:

  • Logins & Permissions
  • Field Level & Data Security

Logins and Permissions contain a "Recorder" for permissions that captures all permissions simply by using the application. By adding a Source Code Analyzer on top of the recordings, Roles are created correctly the first time, avoiding a costly trial and error approach to creating a new role or updating an existing one.
Permissions are recorded during the simulation of a specific business process in NAV, the Source Code Analyzer will automatically search all related entitlements including custom modifications and Add-ons.

Field Level Data & Security can provide permissions at the level of individual pages, fields and events. You can set them as hidden or non-editable.
It is also possible to limit which data a user can see to the level of individual pages (e.g. data limited to a department, location or sales representative). Everything is separated from the standard setting rights.


Product Sheet NAV EasySecurity

Product benefits

  • Quick setup of rights, permissions to individual events are automatically integrated with all other related rights
  • Roles created correctly the first time, avoiding costly trial and error
  • Automatic rights update works with new modifications and Add-ons
  • Security fields - rights management for individual fields and at a particular level (hidden, read only, edit)
  • Security function keys - control the rights to make changes on pages (hide, unavailable, allowed)
  • Data filters - control filters on level of individual objects according to the rights view

Overview of functionalities and properties of NAV Easy Security

Logins and Permissions

  • Creating role groups to simplify administration
  • Export and import of authorization sets
  • Offline work with rights and subsequently published rights
  • The possibility to return at any time to any previous authorization level using Restore Points
  • Statistical data for an easy overview of relations
  • Simple assignment of multiple roles or objects
  • "Where used?" for roles, objects and specific companies
  • Adding related permissions based on source code analysis
  • Security on the objects level
  • Installation does not require any modification or object merging, all objects are new

Field Level and Data Security

  • Assign rights for individual object fields as hide / view / edit
  • Assign rights for individual object events as hide / unavailable / allowed
  • Assign data filters for individual objects (e.g. view all, but with limits on cards)
  • A simplified user filter for selected columns (e.g. product number, project number, location etc.)

NAVERTICA and Partners

NAV Easy Security solution is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD). NAVERTICA is an official Implementation Partner. Based on experiences and feedback from our customers, a standard implementation can be done in less than one week.