CRM-Project (xRM1)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Project industry

Project Management – Tool for resource planning on projects

We are a distributor of a solution for project management called xRM1. CRM-Project xRM1 is a fully integrated solution within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

The fourth module CRM-Project has been developed for professional project management. It covers activities from project planning, coordination, time registration and resource management, to invoicing, all in a graphical user interface.

CRM- Project is the 4th Module for Microsoft CRM. The solution covers all functions for professional project management ranging from project planning, coordination, time recording and resource management through project billing, and is rounded off by Mobile extensions and a number of interfaces.

Project Planning

Generation and Structuring of New Projects

Generate and structure your projects directly in Microsoft CRM with the 4th module.

Generate new projects manually, from templates or import them from Microsoft Project. Stages, subprojects, milestones and work packages can be defined in the work breakdown structure (WBS) and arranged in any depth required.

Project structure and logical correlations are visualized in Gantt.

Project Generation from Templates

The functionalities for project templates enable creating complete project processes as templates and, hence, the generation of new projects based on these templates. The due dates for all elements (stages, milestones, work packages through to dates and tasks) will be calculated and assigned on the basis of the given start date.

You can use individual stages, subprojects and work packages from templates as standardized elements for individual projects.

Resource Planning

The Resource Planner allows for allocating resources required in the projects. As per staff, the assignment can be done directly to an individuall or to a resource group. Availability and the planned staff load is always indicated. If desired, even the skills of the staff are included to insure proper resource selection.

Resource Management

Resource Management during the Project Implementation

In the course of the project, the initially planned resources can be aligned and, if necessary, edited time and again. Spontaneous changes on demand triggered by e.g. sick-leave or changes of project dates can easily and quickly be implemented with CRM-Project. It takes only a few clicks to reorganize the project. The schedules of the involved team members are immediately updated by the system.

Cross-Company Resource Utilization

From the project start-up phase, a cross-company Gantt chart shows the correlations between periods of implementation, while individual view settings enable you to assess project viability.

Budgeting, Controling and Mobility

Cost Planning and Budgeting

The 4th Module supports budgeting and cost controlling on all levels. During the ongoing project, the costs are monitored continously. In case of budget amendaments, the original values remain available for post calculation.

Cost Management/ Reports/ Dashboards

CRM-Project offers comprehensive possibilities for project control and analysis. Reports are available anytime. A dashboard with a number of micro reports supplies a daily overview within seconds. Additional reports make relevant details transparent. All Reports & Dashboards are customizable to you or your implementation partner's specific needs.

Travel Management in Microsoft CRM

Travel Management enables the planning, organization and settlement of travels within Microsoft CRM. The integrated receipts management function facilitates travel expenses settlement for employees and customers, and also includes a per diem expense report function.

Mobile Extensions

Use the CRM-Project Project Management feature while on the move whether on your Windows Mobile, Blackberry or iPhone. Using their smartphones, users in the field can directly log performance times; project managers get updates on projects and can react at any time.

Timesheets, Billing and Invoicing

Time & Work Entry

CRM-Project provides various possibilities for time entry with a focus on flexibility for the employees. They can choose from 4 different time entry options. More flexibility = fewer gaps = more turnover! Even the time and work entry of external service providers is supported.

Billing and Invoicing

Settlement of Customer Orders, Employee Accounts and External Service Providers Accounts

The CRM-Project Revenue Reporting feature enables you to settle performances rendered by the staff and external providers and bill them to customers. Settlement both at fixed prices and based on time & material is supported. In case of time & material, all revenues logged can conveniently be edited via a single screen mask, and revenues billable are marked.


Timesheets are automatically generated at the push of a button. Afterwards, print out the timesheets or save them as PDF or Excel sheets.

ERP Intergration

The 4th Module is all set for the exchange of billing-relevant data trough standardized interfaces for Dynamics GP, SAP and Dynamics® AX. Alternatively you can directly create and print invoices from CRM with the billing feature.


Management Benefits

  • Effective management

Real-time information of current projects and the global resource utilization facilitate your project management

  • Short implementation period

The 4th Module is highly integrated into an already familiar CRM interface, reducing the time to implement project management into your company to only a few weeks

  • Overview of project cost and revenue at anytime

CRM-Project provides real-time information and reports relevant to projects

  • Don’t give anything away!

Simple activity recording for employees leads to significantly more accurate & higher billable turnover

  • Cost-effective overall solution

Fully integrated CRM platform reduces number of isolated IT applications

Project Management Benefits

  • Access to global resource utilization

Your access to the global resource utilization improves project planning

  • Easier data management

Your existing CRM already provides relevant information

  • Support through template functionality

Planning efforts are reduced

  • Fast generation of Invoices

Timesheets for customers are printed at the push of a button

  • Safer management

A number of overviews about Target, Actual, Schedule help you focus on critical project areas

User Benefits

  • Ease of use

The user interface of the 4th Module is exactly the same as that of the other three Microsoft CRM modules

  • Individual schedule

Clear overview of personal work packages and activities

  • Free choice of the front-end device

Use the 4th Module in Outlook or in your browser

  • Flexibility through all-around availability

Use CRM-Project Offline in Outlook or on your smartphone

  • Generating activity records less cumbersome

There are 10 different alternatives for activity recording; and they can be mixed at will

System Administration Benefits

  • No additional infrastructure

The 4th Module runs entirely on the Microsoft CRM platform

  • No server installation required

CRM-Project isn’t installed, but simply imported in few minutes

  • No 2nd data base

CRM-Project is based exclusively on the Microsoft CRM data base

  • No additional backup

No 2nd data base = no additional backup

  • No workstation installation required

The 4th Module uses the same CRM infrastructure as the existing CRM technology