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NAV Enhanced Service Solution (NESS)

The NESS vertical solution is a registered Add-On to Dynamics NAV, intended for companies with demanding needs in the area of complex services provision including the sale of equipment such as copy machines.

Key processes covered by the solution in the area of professional and complex services provision include among others:

  • Provision of equipment/device service
  • Provision of services based on sales structure
  • Sale of services in connection and service contract management
  • Invoicing of on basis of service contract billing
  • Equipment rental/leasing management

All services that are performed on a contractual basis, have a similar quality – measurability of service provided, this comprises the basis for contract billing.

Key needs

  • Effectively create service contracts including the rental of equipment
  • Variable settings for types of service that may be invoiced (rental, installment plan, unit-based tariffs, service and maintenance, fees etc.)
  • Detailed accounting of meter readings, service and invoicing histories
  • Easy to use tool for batch service invoicing
  • Dispatch board for registering and planning service visits
  • The possibility to integrate online service dispatching via MDA for service technicians
  • Interface for customer e-mail notification of service process status (informs throughout course of service process)
  • Web-based ordering system for goods and services integrated with sales and purchasing (B2B, B2C)
  • On-line accounting of all transactions into general ledger

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, One Complete ERP Solution

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Standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV expanded to include the Navertica NESS Add-On provides support to the following areas: 

  • Process management 
    • Purchase and Sales 
    • Warehousing
    • Service contracts
    • Invoicing of services
    • Service orders and visits
  • CRM
  • EDI communication
  • Finance management 

Key Functions of NESS Vertical Solution

Service Contract and Service Item Card 

  • Wizard for creation of Service item card-contract before actual machine sale 
  • Meter reading entries on Service item 
  • Subsystem for meter readings
  • Wizard for creation of contract from Sales or Service item 
  • Adjustment of sample contract as template 
  • System for creating contract service provisions – i.e. service functions 
  • Batch processing of invoiced services 
  • Pricelist update using batch function
  • Integration of fixed assets and contract

Service Orders/ Visits to Customer 

  • Wizard for creation of service orders 
  • Automatic update of service order status according to status of ordered service items 
  • System for meter reading entries into service orders  
  • E-mail notifications of service status to customer  
  • Wizard for frequently ordered items 
  • Planning and tracking of service status via expanded dispatch board

Other Functions

  • Management of machine buy back
  • Configurator of compatible components and services for machine sale
  • Splitting services across cost center/department via template
  • Machine claim management integrated with sales and service 

A Vertical Solution for Managing Service and Service Contracts

Standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes functionality for the periodic invoicing with fixed tariffs. Standard NAV without the NESS vertical solution however does not support the ability to account services in connection with equipment for meter readings, pricing and subsequent invoicing.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the NESS vertical solution supplements the standard account of service contracts with a robust tool for the provision of related services. These variables which, are connected with the sale of equipment/devices and can comprise an aspect of customer service in the form of a rental or leasing contract. In this environment, each piece of equipment possesses with a meter to record consumption of units (e.g. clicks, watts, kilobytes etc.) This meter is further connected to the accounting of service contracts and serves as the basis for further invoicing. The expanded contract functionality also includes a variable invoicing calendar, price categories for services and tools designed to assist invoice controlling. Contracts are further supplemented with the possibility of mutual connection types that enable batch invoicing or also, separate methods of price calculation for services.

In the NESS vertical solution, the standard NAV service module has been expanded in its ability to process service orders to include tools for recording and accounting service provided to a particular piece of equipment or device. In order to simplify the creation of service orders and reduce margin of error, the systems offers a “wizard” to guide the user through the necessary steps in creating a service order. For controlling and the planning of service orders, NESS utilizes an expanded version of the standard dispatch board.

An integral part of NESS is connected with purchasing in the form of automatic updates of purchase orders according to order status, purchase interface, or connection of item to fixed assets.




Uniformity in service contraction creation and setup, simplified procedure Increased system performance (min. 60%) during service contract creation without the necessity of individual settings with the help of pre-defined templates. Decrease to number of staff required to create and maintain service contracts.
Reduction in time spent on regular invoicing Joint management of invoicing integrated with invoicing calendar which, enables increased user system effectiveness by 90% against standard system user procedure.
Expanded system for accounting services provided to customer in accordance to conditions of service contract Variable method for accounting service visit parameters for a machine including rental which assists in providing high-level service with respect to the actual and future needs of needs of the customer without the necessity of repeated modification to system code. This leads to a savings on additional customer system requirements by 60% on average.
Wizard for the creation of service orders and dispatch board Modern dispatching requires operative management with a minimum of employees. Individual operations have been designed so that they can process online customer requirements as fast as possible while reducing the workload of employees by up to 30%. 
Automatic update of service status Offers the direct ordering of service visits with automatic status update which, enables a reduction in the time between the order of a spare part or consumable and the completion of the service visit by 20%.
Sending of service order status to customer Increased transparency behind service visits and reduced customer call time by up to 10%.
Interface for mobile service technicians Increased effectiveness of service technicians together with a reduction in reaction time by 30% and a time-savings in processing service orders by 60%.
Sales configurator Increased performance and accuracy during the generation of sales quotes/orders.
Cost splitting Time-saving by up to 20% during the accounting of costs and revenue per individual cost center, group and sales representatives etc.

Solution Details

Scope of solution offer: Software, training and consultation services and application of know-how
Product: Add-On to MS Dynamics NAV integrated vertical solution for management of both contract billing and service provision
Vertical branch classification: Copy machine service rental/sale, internet or telecom services, long-term  equipment rental with connection to unit consumption, installment plan sales 
Customer size in relation to market segment: Middle: 50-1000 employees, small:  1-49 employees
Supported languages: English, German, Norwegian, Czech
Price: Contact partner for pricing information.