Spring Wave 2016 brings changes to the Dynamics CRM Online including targeting service

The Spring Wave 2016 brings some changes to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Licensing and Pricing.

Announcing general availability of Dynamics CRM Spring 2016 Wave and new Connected Field Service solution: Customer engagement at the core of digital transformation

The new features are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Employee Self-Service
    • USL (User Subscription License)
    • cloud-based knowledge management solution
    • for employees submitting cases on their own behalf, for self-service as a support client
    • license does not grant rights to case management as a support agent on behalf of an end customer
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Field Service User Add-On
    • USL
    • subscription plan add-on for users in Field Service activities
    • requires each user to be licensed with a CRM Online Basic USL or higher
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Portal Add-On
    • Extends CRM scenarios into cloud-hosted web portals
    • requires a pre-existing CRM Online subscription
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Additional Portal Page Views
  • Mobile offline capabilities with CRM Online Professional
    • enables offline entities, provides auto-reply for offline actions
    • offline view and search
    • with a strong security model

In order to access these capabilities, excluding Employee Self-Service, it is necessary to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1. Employee Self-Service is available for Online and On-Premise deployments. Access requires at least one user licensed with either Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional, or Parature Enterprise. Employee Self Service is not licensed for CRM’s user interface and users will not be provisioned as CRM users – access is only allowed via portal or another application.

Enable the service economy with field service and project service automation and new Connected Field Service

Among the other news is that Microsoft recently acquired FieldOne, Adxstudio, and Fantasy Sales Team (FST). The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Portal Add-On and Field Service Add-On USL are available through Volume Licensing agreements. FST and on-premises versions of FieldOne and Adxstudio are not available through Volume License agreements at this time.

Microsoft is targeting service with CRM, as they believe that according to Customer 2020 Report, most customers will not be most influenced by the product they are getting or the relationship with the vendor. The forecast states that customers will be most influenced by the overall experience they have, what will determine where their loyalties will lie. As changing vendors will become much easier, it will be a priority for companies to retain customers in such an engaging way.

Service Field One heavily relies on the Internet of Things (IoT), which will be connected to CRM and customers will be served through something Microsoft calls "predictive maintenance". This will be a big deal, as the data flowing from various products (such as coffee machines example) will allow the uninterrupted business operation.

Field Service is an add-on for CRM Online only. This is a new version of Field Service, which was released May 23rd, 2016. The Field Service is running and available on CRM Online since the Microsoft acquisition of FieldOne, a field services management solution, in 2015.

Learn more in the Dynamics CRM Customer Driven event on June 7 

On May 23rd, Microsoft also introduced the Connected Field Service solution, which will be in preview on June 7th, 2016, and its purpose is to help businesses do service, making use of field service, IoT and other capabilities. June 7th will also be the date of an online event called Customer Driven will be held by Microsoft, where the Spring Wave 2016 will be discussed by Jujhar Singh (General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Scott Guthrie (executive vice president of the Cloud and Enterprise Group), and Paul Greenberg (president of the 56 Group and author of “CRM at the Speed of Light").

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