Advanced methods for Production and Resource Planning and Scheduling – the partnership with DELMIA Ortems

PlannerOneNAVERTICA continues the partnership with the company DELMIA Ortems, which has become part of Dassault Systèmes. DELMIA Ortems develops Advanced Planning and Scheduling tool (APS) for production and for project or service resource management - PlannerOne.

What is PlannerOne?

PlannerOne is a powerful and intuitive tool that goes beyond the planning functions of ERP systems. Provides advanced planning and scheduling algorithms and visualization for scheduling production orders and resource management. PlannerOne allows
real-time planning.

In manufacturing, service and project-oriented companies, PlannerOne helps increase productivity and responds more quickly to customer requirements.

PlannerOne consists of two modules:

  1. 1. Production Scheduler  - to optimize production plans
  2. 2. Resource Planning - for managing project resources

Both modules are  certified solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (CfMD).

PlannerOne is an integral part of the NAVERTICA Inc. offers. For more information, please view the product page


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