PlannerOne for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NAVERTICA has become a distributor of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution PlannerOne© for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Navertica has become a distributor of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution, PlannerOne©, which is a software package for manufacturing facilities and, in particular, a component of Microsoft Dynamics NAV software. PlannerOne© software was developed by the French company, Ortems. Navertica distributes and implements the APS solution PlannerOne© primarily in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and South Africa and co-operates with other PlannerOne© partners all over the world. PlannerOne© for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the revolutionary scheduling solution that lets Microsoft Dynamics NAV users access the best planning capabilities in real time, in a single click and at an affordable price.

PlannerOne© as a fully integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses web services to interact with Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality, enabling real-time communications that accommodate the integral requirements of the ERP business processes.

As key benefits, one can consider customer service level, increased productivity as a consequence of optimized capacities and setup times as well as reduced cycle times and inventory levels.